We work hard to find the best answers to your toughest logistics needs. and we do it with integrity and honesty, end to end.

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Our Difference is Personal

We genuinely care about your unique freight needs.

We take on your challenges as if they are our own. And we answer them with a thoughtful response from a person, not an algorithm or spreadsheet. Our Jones family prides ourselves on solving difficult logistics questions. It’s a result of our experience in the unpredictable, high-intensity world of pipeline construction, where flexibility, perseverance and speed are a premium. At Jones Logistics, we have a unique way of doing business. And our family is reinventing what’s possible in the transportation industry.

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With locations and projects throughout the country, Jones is constantly looking for great people with unparalleled character to join our family. Are you one of us? We’d love to hear from you.

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