Who We Are
and Why It

For over 20 years, Jones Logistics has been answering customer challenges with a mix of innovation, ingenuity, and plain hard work. At Jones Logistics, we’re different. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged solutions.

We believe in building close relationships that span decades so that we know your business inside and out, and together, finding the smartest and most efficient answer for you.

We measure our performance based on your business’ performance.

Your challenges are our challenges. And your success is our success. That’s what good partner’s do, and that’s what we do for so many customers nationwide.

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Our People

But the one element that is most responsible for our success is, and always will be, our people. We hire people who bring friendliness, honesty, integrity and hard work to the job every day.

Each employee, from our managers to our forklift drivers has a passion for not just finding new answers to common challenges, but for helping improve your business. The result is an unparalleled passion for quality that permeates everything we do. And it starts on each employee’s day one.

Values we live by

Our core values aren’t just words on a lobby wall. They’re a part of who we are as people and as a company. They are what make the Jones family unique in this industry. But it’s one thing to say we have values, it’s entirely another to demonstrate them in our work every day. Our core values are at the core of our success.

  • Integrity means doing the right thing.
  • Passion means we’re committed to getting the job done.
  • Unity means our team is a family.
  • Sustainability means we’re here for generations, because we serve our communities, our people and customers.
  • Humility means we believe in something greater than ourselves and treat each other right.
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Jones Logistics - About - A Family of Companies
A Family of Companies

Jones Logistics is a part of a family of companies under Jones Companies.

Learn more about Jones Companies and our family of brands.